Energy Assurance

This website helps cities chosen by the U.S Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (OE) for the Local Government Energy Assurance Planning (LEAP) program. This program gets funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

This site is for all local governments, big or small, across the country that want to know more about making energy assurance plans for their areas. These plans will ensure that local governments can provide important services during an energy crisis.

Thanks to a grant from DOE, the Public Technology Institute (PTI) will give technical help to local governments to make or improve energy assurance plans.

Here, local governments can:

  • Join in free, online training
  • Learn from seminars, workshops, exercises, and conferences
  • Get useful publications and other info
  • Connect with partner associations, state, and regional contacts
  • Find funding opportunities
  • Ask DOE staff questions
  • Talk with other places working on these plans
  • Learn from past experiences and best practices

We urge your local government to use the technical help PTI offers and to keep checking this site for new opportunities during this important planning process. We’re excited to work with you.


Ronda Mosley LEAP Program Director Assistant Executive Director for Research & Government Services Public Technology Institute

About PTI and LEAP:

The Public Technology Institute is a national, non-profit group started by and for city and county governments. PTI encourages innovation and teamwork among government leaders and uses technology to improve services for citizens.

Local Government Energy Assurance Planning (LEAP) uses PTI’s energy expertise to help cities in the LEAP program. PTI helps these cities with DOE energy programs for safety and reliability.

PTI’s involvement helps LEAP cities find and fix energy issues and plan better for energy emergencies. This saves time during emergencies and lessens the impact on businesses, the public, and governments.

Each city in LEAP will have a detailed energy assurance plan and a list of best practices for their infrastructure, like what states have.

Contact Info:

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Public Technology Institute
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